Miss Tara Lenko

RAD + Open Ballet

Tara Lenko started dancing at the age of 4.  Throughout childhood she tried out numerous different sports and athletics, but quickly stopped due to teammates concern over her "running on her toes".

Tara first took up dance lessons at Tridance Academy where she studied musical theatre, and Spanish dance, but primarily ballet. Dancing afforded her many performance opportunities, including one before the Spanish Ambassador.

Tara later grew up studying at Lavrovas Classical Ballet Academy under the tutelage of Miss Irina Lavrova, primarily in the Vaganova method. She also trained in the RAD syllabus and took exams up to the Intermediate level.

After focussing on ballet for so many years and being fascinated by other dancers, during her late teens, Tara decided to switch over and study the style of jazz and contemporary. Tara quickly developed a love for teaching and decided to further her career when in 2008 she apprenticed for one year under the mentorship of Ms. Deborah Cameron A.R.A.D, owner and director of Cameron Dance Academy. In 2009 she received her Royal Academy of Dance Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS). Since 2009 she has taught ballet, jazz and lyrical at numerous studios throughout the Lower Mainland.

After a year off in which she travelled and took courses in photography, she decided to pursue her interest in sewing and design. This led her to attending Capilano University's two year diploma program, Costuming for Stage and Film. At the University she got to work extensively with actors, actresses and professionals of the film and theatre industry, designing costumes, creating and constructing and working extensively on set or back stage.

"I will admit that being a teacher has proved for me, a constant learning process. But if there is one thing it has taught me for sure, it is a deep respect for my own teachers, mentors, colleges and parents."