Driftwood Dance Academy

#205 - 1819 Capilano Road
North Vancouver, BC
V7P 3B5

P: 604-770-4650


P: 604-770-4650  E:

P: 604-770-4650


Parking at Driftwood ... It can be tricky!

Please be aware that some days of the week, and certain times of the day are much more challenging than others to find parking close by.

The best way to limit parking-related stress when coming to DDA is to allow yourself some extra time (10-15 minutes) to figure out the best routine for your family.

Parking Lot 
The 8 angled parking spaces to the South of our building are always an option, but often full between 9am - 5pm.  The spaces out front of our building are for short-term parking only.  Please read and follow the signs posted to avoid being ticketed.

Sister Lot
Secondary parking can be found just down Capilano Road, in the lot of our sister building that is located directly North of the Shell gas station.  An advantage to parking there is that you can exit behind the gas station onto Curling Road, and there's a traffic light, which makes turning onto Capilano much easier/safer.

Street Parking
There is also some street parking available on Sandown Place, Hope Road, and other side residential streets.  Again, please be mindful of all posted signs to avoid being ticketed.

Drop Off
Next door to us is the Capilano Mediterranean Market, which has allowed for Drop off/Pick Up ONLY in the small lot behind their store.
Please do not get out of your car when using this lot, or stay longer than 5 minutes.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation, and understanding!