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"I wanted to say how grateful I am for you guys and the work you are doing at Driftwood. I have enjoyed the spirit of community and support in the studio. And after seeing the recital I am just so thrilled and grateful. You have managed to avoid all the fears I had of sending my kids to dance class. Everything was tasteful. Your sincere care for the students is evident. And you are creating a healthy environment for everyone to be welcomed to dance, without sacrificing the necessary discipline required of those wishing to pursue it further. It's sacred work you are doing. Thank you.”

- E.G. | Driftwood Parent

Be inspired to learn and grow


"I hope you are proud of the community that you’ve created, and the family that has sprung from the two room (soon to be three!) studio that you initiated 5 years ago. We are thrilled to be part of the family and thank our lucky stars that we found you. Our dancer has blossomed and matured, and that is due in large part to dance and having her passion ignited and kept alight by you."

- J.M. | Driftwood Parent


Make new friends


"What I see at your school is a wonderfully inclusive environment, genuine care from the teachers, a real relationship between the students (and also between them and all the other parents), and camaraderie and support amongst the parents themselves, too. It's really impressive, and I will be recommending you guys to anyone who asks."

- J.N. | Driftwood Parent

Perform at your highest level


"As you know, our daughter danced at a number of studios before Driftwood, and from the moment she took her first lesson there, she said, "This is my studio. They are SO kind and wonderful here!"  We feel so grateful to have had your influence in her life. Your love of dance, and passion for it, is so obvious and contagious.  Once again, a sincere and heartfelt thank you for your loving teaching."

- T.E. | Driftwood Parent

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