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Wednesday Family Dance

Family Dance programs are based on the fundamental movement patterns of human development and involve concept-based exploration and skill building. Driftwood Dance Academy’s parent participation classes offer a fun, multi-sensory experience for families to enjoy learning through movement and music. These classes are a wonderful way for dancers to prepare for preschool classes while getting familiarized with our warm studio environment and caring faculty! 

Wednesdays, 12:00 - 12:45 | September 19 - December 12
13 weeks of Fall Classes
No class Wednesday, November 14

Some Young Childrens’ Programming runs as a Session, with the option to attend all classes, some classes, or a single class with the purchase of a Class Card.  

Class card options

In order to register, you must first create an account for yourself and your student here
Choose the class(es) you wish to add, by clicking Enrol In A Class
Click the Home icon.  Under Online Store, select Buy Class Cards
Choose the card that best suits your needs.