Performing Companies

The Driftwood Performing Companies introduces dancers to the demands and rewards of the pre-professional dance world.

  • Students are expected to meet a minimum requirement of technique and conditioning classes during the week, in addition to designated Company hours. 

  • Company classes focus on learning and developing choreography.

  • Members agree to uphold the behaviour of a role model; showing respect for themselves, each other and the studio.

  • The Companies are responsible to each other by developing teamwork, building trust, and celebrating achievements.

  • Company members are given the possibility of developing solo, duo or small group works to perform at community events, special occasions, and eventually Festivals and Competitions.

Please contact the office about more information, and audition dates and requirements for next year’s program.

Company Contract


Half Day Program

For students applying for the Peak Performance & Pursuit (formerly Super Achievers) Programs of North and West Vancouver secondary school programs.  Students from Waldorf are also invited to apply for the Half Day Program at Driftwood.

  • The Half Day Program is for students working towards their highest level of dance education and performance.

  • Successful applicants study ballet and contemporary modern technique and repertoire, basic anatomy, prevention of dance injury, and mental heath awareness in performing artists.  They use Progressing Ballet Technique to condition specific muscles for classical dance training, and utilize study periods for future planning, academic review, and personal work.

  • Students supplement their half day hours with after-school training, pursing an examination in either the Royal Academy of Dance (ballet) or Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (modern) syllbi.

  • Students may also be Company members.