Carley Gibbs

| Communications | Marketing | Organizational Management

Carley was born and raised in West Vancouver and has done her share of work around the local community. Coming from a Christian background, Carley was a lead mentor throughout her primary and elementary years. This was a huge learning experience for her and made her super comfortable around children and parents of all ages. 

Carley's first language is French, although you would never know as she still had to learn how to converse with her grandmother/mother. Growing up in a Bed & Breakfast Carley also loves people, especially new ones! This sparked her avid love for travel, which her family shares. Being exposed to places like France; to practice her French properly and Asia to see outstanding art, all Carley wants to do is explore the Planet.

With her entire family being creative, Carley grew quickly grew to love doing things with her hands; as that is that you do with a grandmother for a parent when something beaks; The idea of replacement is a last resort. 

Carley is currently perusing a Degree in Communications alongside a Diploma for Arts and Entertainment Management at Capilano University. Taking this coming year off, Carley hopes to gain real life work experience and enough funds to pay for school on her own. School has always been challenging but when she added more effort and creative outlets she loved all aspects of education, especially recess.

Carley is so excited to be apart of the Driftwood Dance community.